About IoTeXView

DeFi and cryptocurrency replacing traditional finance are on their way. Though the crypto space is evolving at high speed, the next big step is here. To offer a seamless trading experience, IoTeXView offers the most comprehensive tools for trading on the IoTeX blockchain, including but not limited to price bot and price alert signals for a smooth and better DeFi experience. Furthermore, with many use cases and an enormous amount of data, IoTeXView allows enhanced decision-making and provides deep market analytics to know every possible detail about the assets in your wishlist. In short, IoTeXView is a completely redefined and decentralized trading platform for better trading on IoTeX.

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Easy to Use

We know that UI is an essential point for every trader. We strive for advanced features used intuitively!


Feature-rich charts that load blazingly fast. You won't need to look at an alternative anymore.

For the community

The community must be heard. Feature ideas and suggestions are welcomed!


Staking $TXV presents community members with noteworthy advantages and benefits.


Life is transitional. Hence we built IoteXView for every situation in life - be it in a bus or at home at your PC.


Never miss IoTeX projects moon again. Also be update about latest projects yet to come!

Meet the Team

"He who works all day, has no time to make money"


Tech Lead / Smart Contract Dev

"There is no place like"


Fullstack Dev

"What would i do with my life, if crypto didn't exist?"

Tex Tech


"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."